Concert Information & Booking

The information on this form explains what is necessary to book a ministry concert. As to cost, it is our goal to meet the ministries’ travel expenses only. Therefore, because of differing concert (city) locations, the exact travel expense for your concert will vary based on travel distances and will be negotiated for each individual location. Upon review, and acceptance of the terms of this form, please complete the bottom and click “submit.” The information will be electronically transmitted to Joe Hubbard Ministries (JHM). Upon receipt, we will review the information, including your requested date(s) for a ministry concert, and contact you as soon as possible. We look forward to ministering the Good News of Jesus Christ through music with you as the Lord allows. Thank you for your help in making your ministry concert a success for the glory of Jesus Christ.

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General Information & Requirements


There is no admittance fee to JHM concerts. Please provide ushers as needed for a “freewill love offering.” Honorariums are acceptable if preferred by the host church/organization. Honorariums, if preferred by the host, will be determined on an individual basis depending on travel arrangements and concert (city) location. Donations by check should be made payable to “Joe Hubbard Ministries” and are tax deductible as allowed by the Internal Revenue Service.


Arrangements will be determined based on cost and upon review by both the host organization and JHM. If JHM is driving to your church/organization, mileage is requested at the rate of $0.44 (USD) per mile. When flying is practical and/or less expensive, JHM requires airfare to and from the concert city, and local transportation. Many times, flying is actually less expensive than driving, depending on distance and the timing of travel arrangements. Please do not let distance be a factor in your decision to host a ministry concert.


If JHM is driving to your concert location, JHM will bring our own sound equipment. We ask for a point of contact to assist us in setting up our equipment to ensure it does not conflict with your sound system. If JHM is flying to your concert location, we must use your house sound system, and we request that the church/organization provide a knowledgeable sound technician to operate sound.

Publicity Packet

JHM will provide a publicity packet as it is our desire to help your church/organization publicize your ministry concert as easily as possible. Items included in your packet will be: Posters, Bulletin insert, Church Newsletter Announcement, “Concert Cards” Template, Newspaper Release with photograph, and Radio Public Service Announcement. Thank you for your help in sharing this information with your community.


JHM will need a 6’ to 8’ table for selling music CD’s and for displaying ministry information. Please provide a volunteer to assist with sales and supervision.

Sound Check

Equipment set up and/or sound check must be completed at least three (3) hours prior to an evening concert. Special morning music must be set up and/or sound checked the previous afternoon or evening. This will facilitate time to pray with the leadership prior to a performance and time for Joe to change into concert attire.


No part of this performance may be recorded, video taped, reproduced, transmitted, or disseminated in or from the place of engagement in any matter or by any means whatsoever in the absence of a specific written agreement with JHM.


In the event that JHM can not perform due to sickness, accident, or other legitimate conditions beyond their control, JHM shall enter into good faith negotiations with the church/organization to reschedule performance if applicable and practical.

Performance Attire

Determined by host organization. (i.e. Black Tie, Formal Dress, Casual Dress, etc.)

Specific Concert Information Form

Church Information
Please provide a person to be my concert coordinator.